AfterDark Virtual CIO

To make strategic decisions, your Management Team or Board needs to hear from an expert who will provide strategic advice and direction for the IT department.

The key to effective Information Technology and Information Systems is to have strategic direction and the knowledge and leadership to deliver the strategy.

Afterdark CIO

The Virtual CIO service allows a strategist and technology specialist to advise without the cost of a full-time role. This unique service can provide guidance and direction to the entire business, to individual business units, teams and individuals.

As part of this service we will report to your management team or board to ensure the business is fully utilising the IT facilities and understands the influence it exerts on unrelated business activities.

In addition, this service has been used to mentor teams and individuals for professional development. During this process your team will become strategically focused and provided with key tools to help them organise and manage both their daily activities and interactions.

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