AfterDark Technology utilises Veeam’s extensive range of backup, disaster recovery and virtualisation management software to protect our customers against data loss, while helping them fully experience the benefits of virtualisation.

Veeam is the #1 backup provider for Microsoft Office 365!

ADT Veeam

Backup for your Business

AfterDark understands that not all backup and data protection requirements are created equal. We have partnered with Veeam gain access to a wide portfolio of backup offering in order to deploy the best solution for your business’ needs.

Veeam provides simple, flexible, reliable and powerful modern data protection. Their platform enables AfterDark Technology to create a solution for your business that allows you to own, control, backup and recover your data anywhere in the hybrid cloud through a single platform. This approach ensures business resilience, protects data from malicious actors and eliminates data loss and downtime.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

Why bother backing up your Office 365 data?

Even though Microsoft hosts the infrastructure, the responsibility to backup business-critical Office 365 data still stands with you. If your data is lost, Microsoft will not accept liability or even offer an effective method of recovery. This situation generates a critical requirement for businesses to find a secure way to back up their data and prevent the loss of any important files.

Veeam is heavily regarded as the number #1 Office 365 backup provider. By employing Veeam’s backup platform, AfterDark have the capability and flexibility to backup your Office 365 data to any location and restore that data quickly and easily with an industry-leading recovery tool & powerful eDiscovery technology.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

AfterDark Technology also utilizes Veeam’s Microsoft Azure backup support to develop a secure and reliable storage solution for your business’ needs.

Veeam integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Azure storage service to provide a dedicated storage container for your most critical data. Delivering Azure-native, fully automated backup and recovery to easily protect and manage all your Azure data. The Veeam platform also leverages Microsoft Azure secure storage technology and data protection infrastructure effectively to provide some of the best data security available in the current market.

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