AfterDark Technology provides specialised services to the manufacturing industry leveraging both onsite support and our advanced remote technology.

ADIT ManufacturingOur solution in the manufacturing industry space includes:

  • Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Solution
  • Lean VoIP solutions for your entire business which supports on-call rotations, simultaneous ring on mobile and multiple offices
  • High speed premium internet service with optional wireless redundancy
  • Office 365 with compliance enabled to ensure all correspondence with suppliers and clients is recorded
  • Docusign for paperless electronic signatures with suppliers and customers
  • 100% Hosted Cloud for smaller offices (no onsite server required)
  • Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud Solution for larger offices
  • Two or Three Screens setup for office staff and touch screen laptops for your executive team and field staff
  • BYO Manufacturing Software including Manusoft, Sage, Netsuite, SAP, Netsuite etc.

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