Real Estate

AfterDark Technology provides specialised services to Real Estate offices leveraging both onsite support and our advanced remote technology.

Corporate IT in Real Estate

The call to work in Real Estate is often linked with a passion for working with people. The process of connecting people and seeking out the best outcomes for individuals and families whether they’re buying, selling or renting.

The relationships and trust you form during each step of the process IS your business.

So, if we were to ask what your plan is to address your agency’s IT performance, data security, automation of business processes, transparency and document sharing – you’d be excused for wanting to get back to customer-servicing and signing contracts.

Our Experience

But here’s what we know to be true – not addressing the above issues is risky business for Real Estate agencies.

We understand why it often takes a back-seat, because hiring someone in-house to manage it, also becomes expensive business.

Do what you do best and let us to do the rest.

Ensuring that you have access to the best IT solutions, hardware, 24/7 help desk support and proactively protecting your IT investments is what makes us tick.

More than a passion for all things ICT, we also have x years’ experience with requirements pertinent for real estate. Industry specific applications including Console, Realworx, ADL Forms and more are as much part of our vocabulary as yours, so you can be sure that we’ve got your interests covered.

Industry-focused Solutions

Our solutions in the realty space include:

  • Telephony solutions to support a mobile team always on the road, working from home and the office. Agents can voice or video teleconference from anywhere with minimal cost and perfect reception.
  • Cloud and disaster recovery solutions to protect one of your most important business assets – your data.
  • Premium Internet service for maximum up-time and speed of response. With optional wireless redundancy.
  • Compliance enabled Office 365 to allow the recording of correspondence for transparency of process and task completion.
  • 24/7 Support for total peace of mind.
  • DocuSign for instant and paperless electronic signatures between clients and staff.
  • Options for 100% Cloud Hosted, hybrid or on-premise server solutions
  • BYO CRM and other applications including Console, REX, MyDesktop etc

Join our community of over 4,000 users to receive great IT service and management so you can get on with your high-paying activities. Contact us today to learn more.


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