Importance of Data Backups

Have you ever felt a moment of panic when you thought you’d lost something important from your computer or mobile device? What did you lose? Was it precious photos, work reports…contact information? Was it a days’ worth of data or months? It’s a sinking feeling being unable to retrieve not only the missing data, but also the hours, time and effort that went into putting it together too.

Yep, I’ve been there, got the t-shirt and trust me – you don’t want one.

Data loss can happen to anyone.

Recently, a client of ours in North Queensland underwent seven days’ worth of service outage due to loss of power. Another was close to losing their server in flood waters had it been stored just a few shelves lower. The impact to business as usual was severe however we’re very grateful to report that all staff were safe and that both businesses are back up and fully operational.

As AfterDark clients, we’re also proud to say that they maintain healthy cyber hygiene and are in the habit of backing up their data frequently and consistently.

Physical damage, viruses, trojans, ransomware – the list of threats to your work and information is terrifying and affects businesses and personal computers every single day. Data protection and backup isn’t the most glamourous of tasks to focus on when times are good. But when (sadly not “if”) something goes wrong, it’s the quality of your backup that becomes more celebrated and welcomed than Spider-man at Comic Con.


There are plenty of options to back up your data from flash drives, external hard drives to cloud services. Choosing one that best suits your needs comes down largely to the type of data you are protecting. At AfterDark, we work with clients to put together strong back up strategies that provide peace of mind and outstanding responsiveness in the event of things interrupting business as usual.

As a start to a decent a Disaster Recover Strategy, we ensure that a client’s backup environment is

  • Well documented
  • Checked daily with any detected issues resolved
  • Verified regularly
  • Classified as to its importance and sensitivity

It’s never a bad idea to take precautions. Contact our friendly team to find out how we can help your business and your data stay safe.

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