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In Australia’s #1 best selling book “The Barefoot Investor,” there’s a powerful introduction where author Scott Pape was forced to face the grief and devastation from the bush fires that had ravaged through his farm and home. Yet remarkably, during his reflection he realised that despite all the property loss, he would in fact be okay.

Scott had a set up his family to be well insured and protected if in the event that “it’ll never happen to me” ever happened to him.

He had a backup.

Importance of Data Backups

In business, the threat of losing files or crucial data unexpectedly is a constant; computer crashes, virus infections, physical computer damage and theft happen.

Data is the most important aspect of your computer and a massive part of what we at AfterDark work hard to protect. No matter the size of your organisation, be sure to implement the following processes to protect your business from avoidable downtime and data loss:

  1. Secure your dedicated backup account. Set encrypted passwords on your back up files for a basic layer of security.
  2. Perform scheduled test restores. Your backups are only as good as what’s on the backup media. Perform regular integrity checks to ensure no files are missing and a quarterly review on all servers.
  3. Review your backups. Review backup reports daily to reveal errors or warnings before they pose as any real risk.
  4. Store recent backups offsite. Your backup unfortunately won’t be much use if it was in the same building that suffered physical property damage.
  5. Consider increasing backup to a full Disaster Recovery solution if using Cloud backups for key systems.

We promise that spending a reasonable amount of time putting these safeguards in place now will help prevent you from spending an unreasonable amount of time rebuilding if/when the unexpected happens.

For an obligation-free consultation to discuss your data backup plan, call 1300 553 101 and we’ll be there to help.

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