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Elevating Security Solutions for Modern Businesses

A Single Unified Security System

Elevate your security effortlessly with cutting-edge hardware, intuitive cloud software, and seamless solutions tailored to your needs. From access control to surveillance, all via a single centralized monitoring platform, turn to Verkada for unparalleled security success.

Leverage cutting-edge camera systems, access controls, intrusion alerts, visitor procedures, package handling, and indoor air quality monitoring for peak security and environment management.

Cutting Edge Security

Upgrade your outdated equipment with intelligent, secure, and easy-to-manage technology.

Unified Control

Control every aspect of your security environment through a single web-based platform.

Safeguard your Environment

Offer assurance and security while prioritizing privacy and safety for individuals in your environment.

Verkada Command

Consolidate management of all Verkada physical security devices into one cloud-based platform with ease of use at your fingertips. It’s not just another video management platform; it’s your comprehensive solution for scalable protection, allowing you to add more devices and sites without complicating the user experience. Gain actionable insights with single pane of glass monitoring, integrating information across devices. Remotely access and manage your sites from any browser or device.

Remote Management Made Easy

Utilize the intuitive Command app to access and oversee all your Verkada devices, ensuring seamless physical security management while on the move. No need for port-forwarding or VPNs.

Seamlessly Oversee Sites

Simplify operations with Command’s user-friendly interface and smart automation. Add devices within minutes and utilize detailed roles and permissions to manage users effectively across scales.

Built-in Security Measures

Safeguard data throughout its entire lifecycle. From Single Sign-On (SSO) and detailed user permissions to features like encryption key management, ensure data security and fortify your organization at every level.

Rapid Detection & Response

Consolidate data from various devices into a central platform. Command furnishes users with a comprehensive overview of site activity, facilitating swift threat detection and response.

Verkada Video Security

Verkada provides robust video security solutions that are simple and effective. By replacing outdated equipment with smart, secure, and easily managed technology, Verkada streamlines setup, eliminates the need for additional software, and offers built-in storage for up to a year of footage. Automatic updates ensure continuous protection against emerging threats while alleviating ongoing maintenance burdens.

Simplified Security

Experience streamlined investigations with Verkada’s efficient solutions. Search and retrieve footage across your camera fleet in seconds, consolidating relevant recordings for simplified incident management and reporting. With centralized Command platform, effortlessly oversee camera fleets across multiple sites, bringing all feeds together and granting secure access to your team. Enjoy the benefits of a cloud-managed solution, gaining a unified view of activity across all devices and sites, receiving instant customized alerts, and easily sharing live footage via SMS and email.

Key Features
  • People Analytics – Individual and face detection
  • Vehicle Analytics – Search and filter by attribute
  • Motion Search – Area tracking & pathways
  • Occupancy Trending – Foot traffic & space monitoring
  • License Plate Recognition – Detection and character recognition
  • Timelapse – Advanced scrubbing and activity tracking
  • Live Links – Share footage and access via smart device
  • Verkada Verify – Authenticity and access cetification

Verkada Access Control

Unlock smarter access control with Verkada’s intuitive solutions, simplifying enterprise security with easy-to-deploy devices and cloud software. Seamlessly integrate with Verkada cameras for unparalleled visibility across sites and conduct remote management and investigations from any device, anywhere. With cloud scalability, manage thousands of sites, doors, and credentials effortlessly, taking control with Verkada Command to manage secure areas and gain vital insights for safety. Integrate physical systems with cloud tools for enhanced security, while keeping entrances secure with automatic updates that bring speed, security, and reliability to your system. We’ve built our access control hardware suite from the ground up to emphasize simplicity, security, and scale, ensuring peace of mind at every level.

Streamlined Access Management

Quickly configure customized access settings across your organization, create and manage access users directly in Command or via API integrations, establish access levels based on doors and schedules, and manage access permissions at scale with access groups and access levels.

Enhanced Door Security

Integrate Verkada context cameras with access controlled doors to enhance security and visibility, enabling monitoring of ongoing door activity with crisp video playback, reviewing door activity through event thumbnails on the door detail page, and automatically detecting tailgating or crowds with computer vision.

Instant Insights with Live Floorplans

Access critical insights at a glance by viewing a live Floorplan of building and security system activity, enabling placement and customization of doors including size, orientation, and style (single or double entry), instant access to live feed from context cameras by clicking on a door, and remote unlocking of doors directly from your building’s Floorplan.

Seamless Credential Management

Streamline user credential management in Command with automated provisioning, de-provisioning, and simplified badge design, including integration with Azure Active Directory and Okta through our SCIM integration, programmatically adding, deleting, or modifying users and access settings with the user API, and effortlessly designing, printing, and issuing employee badges with badge designer.

Instant Lockdown

Automate lockdown procedures and initiate lockdowns with a single tap, allowing you to create lockdown scenarios at various levels such as the door, site, building, or organization, configure alerts and notifications for lockdown scenarios, and set up emergency response workflows to automatically trigger response protocols.

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