Talent Acquisition

AfterDark Technology is available to extend our keen eye for talent to our customers. Are you looking for your own IT professional to join the team?

Looking to hire your own IT staff?

AfterDark can assist you in both identifying and hiring an IT resource suitable for your business. By utilizing our extensive experience across a range of sectors within the IT industry, we can pinpoint the most important hiring requirements for your company and put forward the best resource to personify those needs.

By using our unique insight into the technology hiring space, we can assist your company with the vetting and final selection of a talented individual best-suited to your business. Furthermore, we can recommend additional training direction for the successful applicant to propel them towards further success within your company.


Our Network

AfterDark already maintains an established and expanding network of professionals based across all areas of IT including helpdesk, technical sales, security, development, project management, systems architecture and even CIO services. We use our experience in identifying true talent within our industry to help you hire the perfect addition to your team.

We have a strong team of long-standing, experienced employees that have substantially developed their careers and grown with continued investment from the company over multiple years. We know what a great employee looks like and we know how to find one for you!


Identifying Talent & Skillsets

How do you measure a candidate’s ability without knowing the experience milestones they need to have reached?

It’s estimated that nearly 30% of applicants for any given role will omit vital information or exaggerate their ability when submitting a resume. Here at AfterDark, we know what defines talent and the ability to succeed in IT. We are confident in our ability to extract the most qualified and best-represented resources available in the current industry. By offering this service to our customers, we can significantly reduce the level of uncertainty ever-present when choosing the right resource for a technical role.


While developing the profiles for our talent acquisition model, we have pinpointed several important skillsets that are imperative when searching for an ideal candidate. We understand that it is difficult to identify and evaluate certain skills without knowing what those skills entail.

We envision these essential skills as core requirements when sourcing talented individuals:

  • Qualified technical skill
  • Efficient time management
  • Situational adaptability
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Project management and leadership

Contact us today to find an IT superstar for your business!

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