AfterDark Secure Private Networks

A Secure Private Network is a secure solution that connects your offices and users with a high speed private broadband network.

Secure Private Networks extend the reach of the workplace right into the home office, remote branch office or international outpost.

Dispersed staff and satellite offices require a high performance network to maintain productivity and provide a reliable platform for daily operations. As business becomes more diverse, the home or branch workers require fast connectivity to Head Office to provide an identical work experience no matter the geographic location.

AfterDark Secure Private Networks are fully managed so you can rely on their availability 24×7. Data throughput between sites can be tailored to your requirements as business demand accelerates or diminishes.

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AfterDark Achieves ISO 27001

Announcing AfterDark Technology has attained ISO 27001 certification! Thank you to our partner Compass Assurance Services for a successful engagement which will benefit our present and future clients across all industries.