AfterDark Modern Infrastructure

Increase agility, scalability, mobility, and security, all at the right price, and the right pace, with our flexible cloud infrastructure solutions.

If you cannot compete on a digital stage, prepare to be disrupted

With companies driving to digitally transform, the competition is getting stronger
but businesses are increasingly facing new and evolving challenges:


Legacy IT is holding businesses back from becoming more agile, hampering the increasing need to respond to customer demands at speed.

Balancing costs
with growth

Businesses are looking to scale in response to growing demands but must do so without large CAPEX expenditures getting in the way.

& remote working

A rise in security threats means improving data and systems security while still enabling a mobile workforce is a challenge.

Keeping up
without resources

It is difficult to constantly optimise systems, ways of working, and security without dedicated IT expertise.

Leveraging IT the AfterDark way

Small and medium organisations have to remain competitive, while meeting the same security and compliance requirements as their enterprise counterparts
— without the high costs of a full-time IT department.

That’s where AfterDark comes in. As one of the leading IT partners in Queensland with 19 years of experience, we know what it takes to make businesses like yours successful. We deliver and service IT solutions to help you achieve greater efficiency, security, peace of mind and return on investment.

Beat the competition with our innovative cloud solutions

Secure Modern Infrastructure

Move to cloud and benefit from increased agility, scalability, mobility, and cost-effectiveness with a pay-as-you-go model. Plus, with AfterDark hybrid options, you don’t need to rush to cloud—only move what you need, while modernising at a pace that’s right for you.

Get all the benefits of modern cloud infrastructure with added advanced security and backup to protect your company’s data and systems from internal and external threats.

Establish a highly scalable and cost-effective infrastructure foundation

Increase agility by modernising legacy IT, so you can respond to market demands faster

Make IT more cost-effective with a monthly model that scales up or down as neededEstablish a highly scalable and cost-effective infrastructure foundation

Be proactive, with quality management services focused on continuous optimisation

Benefit from 24/7 threat monitoring, prevention, and breach response

Monitor activity with trend analysis to gain insights into your data

Backup essential data in a compliant way and recover things quickly if needed

Maximise application performance and availability

Focused on proactive management and optimisation

AfterDark Management

Reliable, high quality and cost-effective managed IT services tailored to your needs. We manage your daily IT operations, keep your infrastructure in pristine condition and practice preventative maintenance to ensure continuity and reliability.

AfterDark 24/7 Service Desk

Our team of experts are always on call which will feel like you have an in house team, with specialised skills and knowledge and 24/7 Help Desk technical support on the phone or onsite.

How we keep businesses in business

Our methodology is designed to tailor solutions to your needs end-to-end, starting by discovering your goals and situation today so we can build out the perfect roadmap for your long-term success.

Do you have difficulty accessing key systems and applications, such as document management and dictation, outside your corporate network?

Say goodbye to that headache. AfterDark offers full integration and tech support for legal software. Plus, with our hybrid cloud model, data can be stored flexibly, in the public cloud or private, to ensure compliance.

Are you running out of storage or worried about compliance for all your high-res medical images?

Leave it with us. Our cloud solution provides a cost-effective, protected way to access, store, and manage high resolution imagery—and it’s infinitely scalable! Plus, we run scheduled backups and version management to ensure no matter what, the data is safe..

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AfterDark Achieves ISO 27001

Announcing AfterDark Technology has attained ISO 27001 certification! Thank you to our partner Compass Assurance Services for a successful engagement which will benefit our present and future clients across all industries.