AfterDark Data Protection

Say goodbye to tapes – and consolidate your backup from your head office and branch offices with our cloud backup solutions. Our Australian certified secure data centres are the optimal location to preserve your critical and sensitive data for backup or disaster recovery.

While business insurance will cover you in some places, it won’t get back your data.

AfterDark Technology’s cloud backup solution performs scheduled backups and version management, requiring no involvement of employees or IT resources. You simply select the data to backup, the frequency of the backup, and the desired retention.

Daily reports informing you about the backup status are automatically generated and sent to you and, when needed, data can be restored instantly directly from the onsite vault, or from an offsite vault, usually via broadband. As your data storage needs grow, the highly scalable AfterDark cloud backup vault can support your expanding data needs.

Disaster Recovery Solutions which work for our client environments such as Active Directory, SAP, Exchange, SQL and many more provide peace of mind and the ability to fail over at a moments notice.

During our assessment of your disaster recovery requirements, our consulting team will help you uncover the true cost of downtime and a cost effective solution to provide continuity of your business services.

Our discovery process includes:

  • Understanding Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for the business
  • Understanding Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) for the business
  • Monitoring requirements for disaster related events
  • Manual and automated processes for engaging the DR Environment
  • Documenting the frequency and all processes for testing the DR Environment regularly to ensure compliance and success in a real disaster
  • Introduction of the engineers who will ultimately become your own personal and always available “DR crew”

With pricing starting at $80 per month, there is an AfterDark Technology data protection service to suit you. Call AfterDark now to find out more.


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AfterDark Achieves ISO 27001

Announcing AfterDark Technology has attained ISO 27001 certification! Thank you to our partner Compass Assurance Services for a successful engagement which will benefit our present and future clients across all industries.