Say goodbye to cables and share your screen from any device with Airtame 2! Unlock better collaboration and start using screens and projectors to their full potential.


Airtame 2 takes huge steps forward in design and functionality, while still being extremely easy to use. Plug it into the HDMI port on your TV or projector and connect it to your Wi-Fi network to wirelessly mirror your entire desktop or share a single window. You can present from mobile devices, stream to multiple screens and more. 

Screen Sharing from Any Device

You no longer have to juggle different types of input cables – Airtime 2 connects wirelessly to any device running on any platform.

Airtame 2 works with all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux, iOS, and Android.  All you need is an Airtame device connected to your TV to wirelessly stream using the free Airtame app. Plus iOS devices can use Airplay with no app needed. There’s no need to plug anything into your  computer or mobile device.

Digital Signage Made Easy

With the Airtame home screen, you have a visual overview of all your screens. You can customise the display screen to show custom images, websites and dashboards to monitor KPIs and digital signage. 

There is also a more powerful CPU for faster loads times and transitions, and a WiFi chip that is 2x more powerful. 

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Airtame 2 – The only wireless screen sharing solution you need

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