Data Security, Technical 13th January 2020

It’s time to become “Cyber Mature”

Caleb Boyd

It is easy to fall into the belief of cyber security’s biggest myth, that being it will never happen to me. The truth of the matter is that cyber criminal’s target big and small alike. The smaller business being the preferred target as it is quick money. They lack security infrastructure and are normally infested with vulnerabilities which are easily exploited.

A cyber attack on a small to medium organisation is not only inconvenient but can devastate both its finances and brand. This could mean game over for the organisation in a matter of minutes. Highlighting the significance of establishing sound and continually developing cyber security practices. Adopting the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC, Essential Eight provides a solid baseline and maturity levels to implement across your organisation in the early stages of your cyber security journey. The Essential Eight being:

  1. Application Whitelisting – only allowing the programs which are mission critical and known as safe to execute within to the day to day functioning of your business
  2. Application Patching – ensuring the applications of your computer systems are up to date, avoiding publicly known vulnerabilities where mitigations are available
  3. Operating System Patching – ensuring that the core functioning of your devices is mitigated for within 48 hours of extreme risk patch releases
  4. Office Macros – one of the most common practices for malicious software is to infect your systems through macros acting in Word, Excel etc.
  5. Application Hardening – disabling and blocking potentially malicious elements within applications such as advertisements and flash elements
  6. Least privilege – confirming system and user accounts are validated on the theory of privilege to user duties and best practice for privileged accounts
  7. Multi-Factor Authentication – one of the quickest and most effective cyber-security practices adding another layer of protection working alongside your password
  8. Backups – ensuring in the unfortunate event of a ransomware attack there is a “Plan B” to ensure your organisation can return to business

Work with us!

At AfterDark Technology, have created security plans and projects to help organisations meet the Essential Eight and other security requirements that will save your business costs in the long run.

To discuss how our services can help your organisation reach your cyber security goals please reach out to our team on 1300 553 101 to discuss next steps.

About Caleb Boyd

A race for trust, treasure and time in a world where the data your fingerprint represent is more valuable than your fingerprint. Cyber Security has become one of the most searched after functions within the IT landscape. The challenge between maintaining innovation, culture and creativity without holding back your users is at the forefront of our approach. We would love the opportunity to discuss your business’s security concerns further and how we can stimulate a secure environment for your users.