Press Releases, Projects 26th June 2017

AfterDark’s vCIO Services & Geoimage Co-Creation

Stephen Gibson

AfterDark Technology, a Fujitsu Select Partner delivered consulting and services which helped GeoImage provide better and faster services for it’s clients.  Please review the video case study to see how we all worked together to achieve success for our client!

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About Stephen Gibson

While AfterDark's trademark and catchphrase is 'Keeping IT Going', I'm always driving to do more for my clients than just that. Through reputation, great suppliers and hard work, our team at AfterDark Technology has delivered IT strategy, key technologies and help desk services to more clients'​ year on year since opening the doors in 2001. We love helping businesses use technology to be more profitable and efficient! Please contact me for a free introductory consultancy or if you would like to join our successful team.