A Managed Services View of HRMS

Store vital data in the right repository in the right way

At AfterDark, we’re forever exploring ways to better assist clients with the management and security of their data. We’re also in the habit of applying what works for clients to our own business processes. A recent example of this in practice was when our growing HR requirements led our team to explore the industry-shaking world of Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS).

What is HRMS?

A HRMS is effectively a data management tool used to organise, store, secure and retrieve the information relating to your company’s employees. HR information is some of the most sensitive data you can record, including bank details, salary records and even financial history. Viewed like that, any tool that keeps such information safer or assists with its effective use is a benefit to any organisation.

What we use

Data security, risk mitigation and improving overall efficiencies and productivity are at the core of our business. After carefully evaluating our business needs and priorities, we went to market to match them to the functionality available. Based on this and the quality of response and service we received, AfterDark partnered with Employment Hero.

Why we love it

Data Security

The biggest threat with storing sensitive employee data in filing cabinets is that there is little assurance that everyone who can access these files is authorised. By storing this data in the cloud through a HRMS, you can prevent unauthorised people from getting their eyes on information they’re not allowed to see.

You also get the added transparency of being able to see who viewed what information and when. User authentication and data encryption are only some of the features that a HRMS system must ensure so that data is not accessed by unauthorised personnel.

Since the data is saved on your computer or mobile device, you won’t risk your files from physical catastrophes such as fire or flood.

Reduces Paper Wastage

Gone are the days when you needed to “refill tray #2” a dozen times to print copious amounts of HR documents, policies, handbooks and training manuals. Paper spreadsheets and even computer-stored spreadsheets are time-consuming and prone to human error. They can also be easily misplaced or lost and unlikely to be backed up the way e-copies are.


Paper records are at a much greater risk of being incomplete, therefore at risk to breaching legal compliance requirements relating to employee information. By the simple expedient of sending a timely reminder to the right person at the right time, a HRMS will vastly improve the efficiency of any organisation.

Decentralising HR data management responsibilities

The team at AfterDark have all taken to the self-service functions to manage their own data with minimal training. Employees can request for holidays, leave and update their personal details with permission. Delegating individuals to manage their personal data means that they’re more likely to know what’s accurate and what isn’t. This has been shown to greatly reduce the incidence of error and increase the ease of any future data-cleansing exercises.

Learn more

Employment Hero has saved our business from past administrative headaches and added much value to our HR management. To learn more about the solution please contact us on 1300 553 101.

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